How to Dispose of Paint

The best way to handle leftover paint is to avoid over buying with the next best option is to give it away. You may check with Habitat For Humanity to donate gallons that are over 3/4 full.

To dispose of most all consumer paints, you may use several methods including:

  • Create a leak-proof container by lining a cardboard box with plastic. Pour small amounts (max. 1” ) at a time of the paint into the box and allow to dry. Repeat this process until your paint can is empty and allow it to dry.
  • Mix in an absorbent material such as cat litter or sawdust in paint and allow it to dry.
  • Use a hardener product, which we sell, for latex based products.

Keep liquid materials out of the reach of children and pets during these processes.

Most all consumer paints can be disposed of with your normal trash if they are completely dry.

Once a year, Rutherford County will sponsor a Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up where consumers can dispose of a variety of products at no charge.

For directions on solidifying latex paint and information on the collection of
oil-based paint, please refer to
You may also call 615 542-4633 for a flyer to be mailed.

If you pour paint out of it’s original container into smaller cans for storage, always tape the original label on the new can. This helps you know what is in it for future use as well as for important safety information.