ChemcraftLacquers & Wood Finishes

Hoover Paint carries a wide selection of specialized wood coatings for the professional and serious hobbyist.

These finishes each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.


Nitrocellulose Finishes. The most common and perhaps oldest lacquer finish. Used on interior wood surfaces including cabinets, furniture, crafts, etc. Available in clear and “colored” finishes. The clear finishes will produce a slight “yellowing” effect so they are not recommended for use over white stains.

PreCatalized Finishes. A more durable version of the standard Nitrocellulose lacquer but does not require the addition of a catalyzing agent.

Catalyzed Finishes. Commonly referred to as Conversion Varnish, these finishes have excellent durability for cabinets and furniture. They require the addition of a Catalyst prior to application.

Waterborne Finishes. These products provide the advantage of not requiring strong solvents for thinning or cleanup. Improvements are continually being made in these types of finishes.

Stains & Glazes

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