Gel-Stain-Fiberglass-Door One of the most common projects many homeowners do today is re-staining their deck or fence. There are several choices in selecting the type of material to use on exterior wood. In all cases, a product with a little color will perform better than a completely clear product. An easy way to explain this is if you went to the beach and put baby oil on one arm and a sunscreen on the other, which arm would get a sunburn?

Transparent Stains allow most of the wood grain to show through the finish. These products include: Superdeck, Porterdeck, Sikkens SRD and DEK Finish.

SemiTransparent Deck Stains will be more opaque and thus hide most of the wood grain. We can custom tint a wide range of colors with these products. Some SemiTransparent stains are not made for use on decks because they may not be hard enough and also may have a slight tendency to “chalk”. Those types are made to be used on fences, log homes, and wood siding.

Solid Color Decking Stains will appear like a painted surface. Like paint, they will be more likely to peel over time. We do not recommend applying standard siding solid colors stains to decks as they do not have the hardness to stand up over foot traffic; however, they are fine for fences, barns, etc. These finishes should be used only on decks that have adequate air flow under them and are at least 2 feet off the ground.