Experience Century with Hoover Paint Store

A unique exhibition of sight and touch featuring Century by Benjamin Moore

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WHEN: Thursday, November 1st 2018. 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m.

WHERE: Fort Houston, 2020 Lindell Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

WHAT: Join us for a unique exhibition of sight and touch in a gallery setting.
Experience Century by Benjamin Moore, learn about 2019 Color Trends
and meet local artisans at Nashville’s premier makerspace, Fort Houston.

RSVP: Kindly RSVP by October 25th,2018 with name(s) & company to:


Century is the world’s first Soft Touch Matte Finish paint with never-before-seen depth in 75 exclusive colors. Similar to a soft leather glove, the tactile experience of Century’s Soft Touch Matte Finish is not easily achieved. Benjamin Moore’s craftsmen bring years of experience and exacting standards to the making of this paint. The formulation is intricately balanced–and made in small batches. Every can of Century is produced in the same Benjamin Moore workshop. And to guarantee true color, each can is delivered pre-mixed and sealed. Years of research led to a unique resin and coloring system that created an innovative finish that adds a tactile dimension to walls, creates energy in the room and has an unprecedented depth of color.

It’s both science and spectacle. Century is a new dimension in paint and design.
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Fort Houston is a 17k sq ft makerspace equipped with two fully stocked wood shops, a metal shop, photography studio, office space and a gallery space. The space brings together creatives, craftspeople and artisans from the greater Nashville area. Members of Fort Houston can be found creating custom art pieces, furniture, screen prints, etc all by hand. For more information visit Fort Houston’s website.
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Featured Artist: Gina Julian

Gina Julian is a hard-edge abstraction painter who seeks to explore energy and motion through the use of flat color. Julian has long been fascinated by the effects of color on the human psyche and enjoys exploring the emotions that can be evoked by varying colors according to hue, saturation and value. Her color palettes are often experimentations of how colors interact with each other, and how the perception of color can be altered based on its surroundings. Julian also uses color variations to suggest movement in her works, often giving the viewer multiple perspectives on the direction of her crisp lines. Julian classifies her work as Optical Art.
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Featured Craftsman: Steven Dieringer

Steven’s passion is to follow his curiosity into the realm of unlimited creativity. His desire is to express vitality, enthusiasm and a full blown curiosity for life. His hope is to extend those qualities to his audience via his art wherever it leads! Steven works primarily in wood, paint and copper.
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Featured Craftsmen: Good Wood Nashville

Good Wood Nashville uses reclaimed lumber and barn wood to create works of art for our clients. Whether you are looking for reclaimed floors, barn wood walls, or custom furniture, we promise you’ll find: quality customer service, quality products and quality prices. They continually find new ways to fashion and forge wood in a way that allows these salvaged treasures to live on. Good Wood Nashville has been featured on HGTV.

Featured Craftsman: Southern Maple Co

Randy’s interest in woodworking first began as a small child making a box car with his father in his father’s shop. Through his younger years, Randy periodically helped his father with projects as well as taking on projects of his own. A few years ago his father passed on a few of his tools; this struck a passion in him that he says is still growing today. He began by building anything and everything, from porch swings to dog kennels. His knowledge and skills grew immensely in a very short period of time thanks to the guidance he received from his father. In 2015, Randy moved to Nashville. He brought all of his tools with him and started working out of the makerspace Fort Houston. He has since started his own company now known as Southern Maple Co. Randy is currently completing a project for a recording studio in Iceland.
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