Ahh the beach. The beach is a place of beauty and leisure and, for many, the ideal vacation spot year after year. The gentle crashing of the waves, the warm sunshine and cool breeze can evoke feelings of peace, rest and warmth. Often, we find ourselves trying to generate very similar feelings in our living spaces. So, here is a list of 8 times Benjamin Moore used color to bring those beach vibes home.

1. All Blue EntryUntitled Blog Image Resize

WALLS: 2051-60 Bird’s Egg

This tone-on-tone entry creates a light, airy atmosphere as you enter (or exit) the home. Benjamin Moore pairs the soft blue hues with earthy accents. Notice the hemp rope doorstop, the driftwood and antlers above the door, the woven rug and the natural linen-like appearance of the shades on the window. All of these elements work together to contrast the seemingly all blue entry to tie in the natural tones of both the sand and the sea.

2. Aquatic Panels-Blog Image Resize

PANELLING: 723 Spring Rain

Here, we have wood paneling painted a gentle shade of blue. Again, we see Benjamin Moore’s use of natural elements and blue working together to create a peaceful atmosphere. For added interest the wall is adorned with many various items adding texture and variety to the space while maintaining a certain level of unity with the repetitive use of neutral tones and wooden objects.

3. Nautical Details-Blog Image Resize (2)

SHUTTERS: HC-149 Buxton Blue, FLOORS: 1597 Pebble Beach, TRIM: AF-5 Frostine

This porch is slightly more obvious in its reference to the sea. Aside from its blue-green shutters and off-white woodwork, we can identify a few nautical details here: the coral-pattern throw pillow, the coral on the side table and the coral pieces in the wide glass dish on the coffee table.

4. A Blend of Coastal Hues
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SIDING: OC-61 White Diamond, DOOR: 508 Tree Moss, CEILING: 2036-60 Surf Green

Benjamin Moore complements a classic white exterior with various hues of our ever-shifting oceans/. We have a muted green door, a soft blue ceiling and a weathered gray color porch floor. All of which are working together to create visual interest and variety while simultaneously piecing together a harmonious palette.

5. Weathered Wood, Wicker and Beach Greens
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SIDING: HC-119 Kittery Point Green, TRIM: OC-13 Soft Chamois, DOOR: 678 Pacific Rim

The color palette here references the shore more so than the water itself. We have wicker and weathered wood color and texture referencing the qualities of driftwood. The muted yellow green draws from the grasses often found amongst the sand dunes.

6. Blue Wall, Green Accents
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WALL: 718 Ocean Cite Blue, TRIM: OC-18 Dove Wing

The blue wall serves as a subtle backdrop for the seaweed-like green fabrics in this living space. By pairing these colors with the organic, leafy style of the lamp reinforces the natural themes here as well as adding an element of glamour with the metallic finish of the lamp.

7. Sea-Foam Walls and a Blue Tub
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WALLS: HC-144 Palladian Blue

Palladian Blue is a shifting color. Just as the ocean is constantly changing color, at different times of day and in different lighting Palladian Blue can appear more blue-green and sometimes more green-blue. In this space, it bathes the room in a sea-foam hue and is in slight contrast to the similarly yet subtly bluer tub.

8. Marine Green
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WALL: HC-143 Wythe Blue, STOOL: 2060-30 Seaport Blue

This vignette of color successfully combines the brilliant jewel tones of the depths of the oceans with the rather frothy and muted tones of the shallow waters nearest the shore. The sharp contrast in this palette adds an element of drama to this otherwise simplistic vignette.

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